Eton Shirt Collection

Founded in 1928 in the Swedish hamlet of Ganghester, the family owned business has had a long history of being proud shirt makers. Eton clothing use the best raw materials and tailors with meticulous care and attention to detail. This ensures that the wide choice of traditional and modern styles, colours and patterns of Eton shirts meet the demands of any fashion conscious contemporary man.

The collections offer a variety of designs and colours, from simple solids, to striped and check shirts, along with vibrant colours to more subdued pastels, Eton ensure that there is a shirt to suit any personality. The quality of fabric and the careful craftsmanship provides clothing that is luxurious, stylish and comfortable. As well as their fabulous quality, Eton shirts feature an easy-iron finish, making the formal shirts hassle-free and a favourite choice for a busy working gent.

We also offer 'Made to Measure' from ETON. Choose from seasonal cloths, many styles, fancy buttons and add a different coloured stitch to create your own fantastic design.